Vac-Con Announces New Mission and Vision Statements

The leadership teams at Vac-Con and Vector have announced new mission and vision statements that will function as guides over the course of the next several years.


The mission statement is designed to be seen as a goal to accomplish on a daily basis. This statement will be what the employee-owners of Vac-Con and Vector are expected to carry with them throughout the day as they bring their best to the table.


The new mission statement reads as follows:


“Our mission is to support, design, and manufacture innovative vacuum and high-pressure water cleaning solutions that deliver superior performance in municipal, industrial, and utility markets worldwide.”


The new mission statement covers the capabilities and expectations for daily success. Vac-Con and Vector will support all existing 9,000 plus units that are in the field with service, technical, and parts representation. Teams will strive to engineer efficient, innovative designs that rival the competition and manufacture these units with the highest quality and reliability standards in mind. The focus is on delivering the best in reliability and performance to customers in all markets across the globe.


The vision statement functions as an outlook over the course of the next years. Goals in the vision statement will be actualized if the mission statement is met daily.


The new vision statement reads as follows:


“Our vision is to be the premier manufacturer of combination sewer cleaning, hydro-excavation, industrial vacuum, and high-pressure water jetting equipment. We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality products with unrivaled reliability, customer service, and support to dealers and end-users. Sustainable growth and employee-ownership will be achieved by championing career-building talent and customer-centric initiatives. We will continue to make a positive impact on our local communities and the environment.”


As the premier manufacturer, Vac-Con and Vector brands will be recognized for quality and innovation in all market segments and industries. Units will exhibit the highest in quality and reliability, and customers will be provided with exceptional support through expert service, technical and parts representation. Vac-Con and Vector will take a vested interest in the employee-owners that comprise the company, and build upon the talent and career development that is available. Finally, all operations will function with the guidelines and precautions required to protect the natural resources in the environments in which the businesses are active.