Vac-Con Parts & Shipping Celebrates Record-Breaking Month

Vac-Con Parts & Shipping Celebrates Record-Breaking Month

While some businesses and industries have taken a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, others have found themselves busier than ever. This is true of the Vac-Con Parts and Shipping Departments.

Over the past several months, demand for machine parts and accessories has increased as municipalities and contractors focus on units already in their inventory.

“Our parts and shipping teams hit record-breaking numbers last month as they fulfilled orders to take care of our customers out in the field,” said Todd Masley, President. “As the effects of COVID-19 impact municipalities and private businesses across the country, it’s obvious that customers are making unit maintenance and upkeep a priority.”


The Parts and Shipping teams have worked diligently to fulfill orders quickly and accurately, understanding the importance of keeping machines on the job.

“We don’t expect this business to slow down as economies reopen,” said Masley. “Rather, this has given our parts business momentum that we plan to carry through for years to come.”


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