Vac-Con Unveils Patent-Pending Hose Reel

Vac-Con Unveils Patent-Pending Hose Reel
It’s Time to Go PRO
Operator-conscious controls; Increased visibility; 500-pound weight reduction; and the most workable coverage on the job.

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Florida, February 22, 2022 – Vac-Con, Inc. today introduced the PRO Reel - Precision Reel Operation – elevating combination sewer cleaning capabilities to a revolutionary level. Designed from the operator out, the PRO Reel provides unparalleled flexibility, coverage, and visibility at the heart of the job.

The patent-pending PRO Reel offers 16-feet of traversing motion across the front of the machine and 180-degree articulation for 69.6 square feet of working coverage. With 115% more coverage than the standard Vac-Con articulating hose reel, this flexibility allows operators access to manhole and lift station locations without having to park the unit precisely over the jobsite. A front-mounted camera system and companion ARC visual screen provides 180-degrees of visibility to the driver in the cab with a generous range to park the unit and still have access to the manhole. This capability reduces set-up time by approximately 50%.

Operator ergonomics are an essential factor in the design of the control panel on the PRO Reel. Adjustable motions allow for any operator to comfortably use the system. The control panel features 4 rotational positions, an 8-inch vertical adjustment and an arm rest at the joystick.
Intentionally sourced materials, bolt-on design, and the elimination of an outrigger leg result in weight savings of 500-pounds from the front end when compared to the standard Vac-Con articulating hose reel. The PRO Reel can accommodate up to 850-feet of 1-inch hose.

The PRO Reel is the most versatile, operator-conscious hose reel ever made. It’s revolutionary, patent-pending capabilities will change the way that sewer cleaning operators do their jobs.