​ A Vac-Con Customer that Defines Loyalty ​

A Vac-Con Customer that Defines Loyalty

During the month of March, Vac-Con had the pleasure of building another combination machine unit for Olson Brothers Pro Vac out of Washington state.

It’s not uncommon for Vac-Con to build multiple units for customers over several years. However, Olson Brothers Pro Vac has a special place in the Vac-Con family as they are the largest end-user of Vac-Con units in the country.

It is estimated that Pro Vac has more than 50 Vac-Con units in their fleet – and they are still adding to that. The first Vac-Con unit bought by Pro Vac was in 1997 with units being added to the fleet every couple of years.

“We were excited to welcome this customer to our facility to see where their many units have been built since 1997,” said Todd Masley, President. “We have plans to work with their executive and marketing teams to continue to provide stories and updates on how Olson Brothers Pro Vac utilizes our equipment to get the job done. They are a critical asset to the story and life of Vac-Con and we are proud to be their chosen combination machine manufacturer.”