Mike Selby, Vac-Con RSM, to Host Workshop at WWETT 2023

Mike Selby, Vac-Con RSM, to Host Workshop at WWETT 2023

Vac-Con Regional Sales Manager, Mike Selby, will be facilitating a smart nozzle cleaning workshop at the 2023 Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment, & Transport Show in Indianapolis, Indiana on Thursday, February 23rd.

Modern technology has changed capabilities across all industries, including sewer cleaning. With upgraded tools, municipalities and contractors can decrease their operational costs and establish accurate maintenance priorities for their underground infrastructure. One specific tool that helps with these process improvements is the smart nozzle.

Nozzles have been used in sewer cleaning operations for decades, utilizing their powerful water jetting capabilities to push material down the line or back to the manhole to be removed by vacuum. In more recent years, high-resolution HD camera systems have been added to nozzles, which collect live video from the cleaning operation so operators can see the status of the pipe. Some of these nozzles include full data dashboards and AI systems that download the video automatically once the nozzle returns to the manhole.

The ’Using Smart Nozzle Cleaning Data to Prioritize Maintenance for Municipalities’ workshop session at the 2023 WWETT Show will discuss the advantages of using new, data-driven tools explained above, as well as answer questions on gathering the video content, and how artificial intelligence software processes the video to determine maintenance and repair needs.

Vac-Con is proud to distribute a range of nozzles and smart nozzles to meet the needs of municipal and private contractor operations.