Vac-Con Introduces New Texturized Paint Option

Vac-Con Introduces New Texturized Paint Option


Vac-Con is excited to release a new texturized paint option for combination, hydrovac, and jetter units. Testing began on the process and material at the beginning of 2020, with the first unit to showcase this option being the brand-new X-Cavator Hydrovac at the 2020 WWETT Show in February.

Since then, additional testing and material finalization has been completed and is now going into production for unit orders.


The texturized paint is a PPG product and provides broad spectrum protection against agents and elements found in various work environments and weather conditions. In addition, this topcoat is strong and durable with abrasion-resistant qualities ideal for the tough jobs for which Vac-Con units are designed.


“Texturized paint is a great step for us as we not only focus on improving the durability of our machines, but as well as upgrading aesthetics and overall design,” said Blake Brown, VP of Operations. “This option provides us with a method for consistent paint application resulting in a product that looks and feels high-end.”


If this paint option is selected, customers choose a custom gloss paint color for the unit’s debris tank, sides of mainframe, and front-mounted hose reel. All other painted components such as mainframe decking, fans, blowers, and boom will be finished out in the black, textured paint.


This upgrade is only the beginning as Vac-Con continues to strategize and implement product upgrades and redesigns in the coming months.