Vac-Con Launches Essential Equipment Webpage

New Page Outlines How to Use Equipment to Disinfect


GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Florida – Vac-Con announced today that it has launched a webpage to help operators understand how to use their Vac-Con machines to disinfect outdoor spaces.


The Essential Equipment for Essential Operations page on the company’s main website was designed to help operators adapt their units to take on the evolving needs of their communities. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has challenged department entities in every aspect, including how to ensure that public areas are thoroughly cleaned. Though Vac-Con combination machines, jetters and hydrovacs are used to clean sewer and storm lines and excavate around underground utilities, these machines are equipped with components that can be adapted and used to clean outdoor spaces.


“As we face unprecedented circumstances across the globe, we are proud to support essential businesses and operations with our equipment,” said Todd Masley, President. “We’ve designed this page to direct you to resources for your company or municipality that may provide some guidance on additional equipment capabilities and functions. Hygiene and sanitation are the basics of why our equipment exists. We have always been focused on providing you and your teams with the machines to keep your cities and communities clean and flowing. Now is no different!”


The webpage features a section outlining how each product offering can be used to sanitize outdoor, communal areas quickly and efficiently. The onboard water system and boiler systems (on some models) are ideal for conducting cleaning projects with proper disinfectants. Vac-Con notes that it’s important to understand how each component on your unit operates, and to be sure to utilize appropriate water pressures when using. In addition, users should read and follow all guidelines for cleaning agents and solutions, including wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.


“The mission of this page is to educate users on another way that their Vac-Con units can be of use to them outside of their normal operations. It goes to show that these units are versatile and effective in a range of applications to keep cities clean.”


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