Vac-Con Keeping Quality and Safety at Top of Mind

Vac-Con Keeping Quality and Safety at Top of Mind

In times of uncertainty, consistency in processes, messages, and actions can assist in clarifying priorities and maintaining order. This is certainly true for businesses as questions about the economy and world health linger over the future.

The leadership team at Vac-Con was motivated to keep employee-owners’ eyes and the company’s goals set on the prize. New initiatives around product and performance quality, workplace safety and team goal accomplishments are being implemented at the Florida facility.

The first initiative was the SAFETY-QUALITY-REPEAT Stair project (shown below). Each stairwell at the facility is outfitted with these message tiles that are a simple reminder of what the focus should be for every employee onsite.

“I’m a big believer in repetitive messaging to foster a positive mindset,” said Todd Masley, President. “Though our economy and ways of doing business have been altered, our team is still focused on building top quality products for our customers. In addition, we are prioritizing our employee-owners’ health and safety and finding new ways to recognize and celebrate accomplishments. All of these efforts will undoubtedly affect our customers’ experiences and the products that they receive."

Additional phases of the project will be implemented in August.