Vac-Con President, Darrell LeSage, had a fulfilling moment on Tuesday, October 15th as he delivered the keys to a brand new Vac-Con unit to the Town of Orange Park, Florida. Though it was not the first time Mr. LeSage had been a part of such an event, this Town Hall ceremony was more personal than some of the others. Darrell and his family have resided in the Town of Orange Park since 1986 and proudly call the community home. "One of my goals has been to deliver a unit to Orange Park before I retire," said Mr. LeSage. That goal was accomplished at the Town Hall meeting with the mayor, council members, and residents in attendance. 

Over the past several decades, Orange Park has contracted out any and all services that required an industrial vacuum machine. As expected, the cost to rent wasn't cheap, and the community found themselves at the will and convenience of contractors versus having the tools in their own hands. Earlier this year, the town agreed to research the affordability of a Vac-Con unit, knowing that the facility was just down the road. The Public Works team from Orange Park stopped in the front office over the summer expecting to pick up some literature and look into getting a quote, but instead were treated to a 2-hour tour by Vice President Todd Masley, and given a thorough overview of the units, our parts and service offerings, and the dealer network. By October week 1, the Town of Orange Park had an order in the system. The truck was delivered within 10 days of the order being placed. 

On Tuesday, October 15th, the Public Works team and mayor gave their appreciation for the timeliness and professionalism that Vac-Con provided through the process. The residents and council members were excited to see this addition to their town's fleet, understanding the importance of having a machine of this kind available at their beck and call. 

"We are excited to see Orange Park receive their Vac-Con machine," said Mr. LeSage. "We supply municipalities all over the world, but it's a great feeling to see your units working the very streets that you live on."