Vector Technologies Receives NATM Compliance

Vector Technologies, Ltd. - a subsidiary of Vac-Con, Inc. - was awarded compliance by the National Association of Truck Manufacturers (NATM). 

The NATM has been a part of the trailer-unit industry for more than 30 years, and prides itself on providing support for manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. The NATM focuses on industry safety and regulation, and acts as a voice for its members when such matters are brought to the attention of government agencies. Today, the NATM represents more than 900 companies. 

The NATM awards compliance to its members with confidence via a mandatory Compliance Verification Program. This program ensures that each member utilizes processes and best practices that meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). 

"The NATM is a well-respected association among the trailer-unit industry," said Jody Purdy, Regional Manager. "Receiving compliance by NATM will open up more bid and sales opportunities for Vector in the marketplace, as we are seeing this compliance become a requirement across the board." Many municipalities, contractors, and end-users are utilizing the NATM standards to ensure that the equipment they purchase meets industry requirements. It is expected that NATM compliance will be a standard across the nation within the next few years.