Wildeck Advances Tolleson, Arizona Operations

Wildeck Advances Tolleson, AZ Operations

Wildeck has achieved significant milestones at its new Tolleson, Arizona facility, paving the way for full-scale operations in the southwest.



  • Upgrades to machinery have been completed.
  • A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy has been obtained, allowing manufacturing activities to begin in the new space.
  • Welding cells have been fully equipped with wiring, plumbing for microbulk gas delivery, welding curtains, and a Robovent ventilation system.
  • Additionally, a new wash-down booth has been constructed and plumbed with a heated pressure wash system. Storage racks have also been installed to optimize organization and allow for increased inventory (of materials and stocked products) onsite.



  • Office operations are back online with a newly established network, allowing office personnel to return onsite. Wildeck’s Arizona-based office personnel are set to return to a modern workspace furnished with new workstations.




About Wildeck's new Arizona facility:

The relocation of Wildeck’s Arizona operations brings several key benefits for our customers:

  • Doubled Square Footage: Wildeck’s new facility provides double the square footage of its previous Arizona address, increasing capacity for processing orders efficiently.
  • Additional Loading Docks: With more loading docks available, Wildeck can handle higher shipping volumes, leading to faster turnaround times for orders.
  • Modern Wash Down and Paint Booth: The addition of a modern wash down and paint booth allows Wildeck to process materials quicker while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • Enhanced Beam Line: Wildeck has added a beam line for processing mezzanine columns, which expands its mezzanine manufacturing capabilities in the southwestern U.S.
  • Expanded Welding Area: A larger welding area enables Wildeck to take on more projects and increase throughput.
  • Shipping Staging Space: Wildeck’s Arizona operations will now have dedicated space for shipping staging, ensuring that products are properly staged for shipment.
  • Faster Turnaround on Standard Products: Wildeck’s expanded space allows for more stock of standard products, resulting in faster turnaround times for orders.
  • Sales and Engineering Bullpen: Wildeck’s new Arizona facility features a collaborative bullpen for sales and engineering teams, facilitating better communication and problem-solving to meet customers’ needs effectively.