Wildeck Product Exhibited at Arnold Machinery's Showroom

Wildeck recently partnered with its dealer, Arnold Machinery Company, to display product in their customer showroom (at Arnold’s Phoenix, AZ-based location). The new showroom, labeled as Arnold Machinery’s “Experience Center,” will be used to train dealer personnel as well as educate and allow for prospective customers to interact with the Wildeck product on display.

The Wildeck product exhibited includes:

  • A Wildeck Mezzanine (with stairs) that was specially designed to demonstrate a variety of structural framing options and is supporting an in-plant office space.
  • Mezzanine Swing Gate and Slide Gate, equipped with EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarms.
  • Wilgard® Guard Rail
  • Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors
  • Pallet Drop Zone Safety Gate
  • Rack-mounted finger gates
  • Rolastair™ Rolling Ladder Stand

The Wildeck mezzanine, stairs and gates were specially painted to match Arnold Machinery’s brand theme. Once the showroom construction was completed, and the Wildeck product had been installed, a professional photographer arrived onsite to take pictures of the Wildeck product exhibited (see below).

Wildeck is grateful for this opportunity provided by Arnold Machinery Company and is looking forward to their continued partnership for years to come.