Wildeck VRC Installed on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Wildeck has found its way to a very popular tourist destination.

This summer, Wildeck and its dealer, Arnold Machinery Company, installed a modular box lift in the heart of Fremont Street in Las Vegas, NV. This Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) will assist in moving safety harnesses (and other equipment) that are needed to operate the Fremont Street Experience zipline.

The zipline, which runs the length of the old Las Vegas strip, is used daily – so the box lift will provide a more efficient safer and quicker way to move equipment and with less personnel. What would typically take multiple trips up and down stairs will now be accomplished with the push of a button.

When compared to other Wildeck VRCs, the smaller footprint of the modular box lift was identified as being the best fit for the application due to the availability of space on Fremont Street for installation and use. Installation was also much faster – only taking three days from start to finish – due to the simplified, modular components of this lift design.

The Fremont Street Experience drives 26 million visitors annually to downtown Las Vegas – many of whom will be walking right past Wildeck’s lift. So, the next time you are on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, be on the lookout for Wildeck’s modular box lift on display!


About Wildeck’s Modular Box Lift

Wildeck’s modular box lift is a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) that has been designed for the efficient movement of materials of small materials from one floor level to another. With a carriage size measuring 3’ W x 3’ L x 3’ H, it is ideal for the vertical transfer of smaller materials, such as totes, boxes, parts, or carriers to other levels.

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