Wildeck Hosts Holden Leadership Academy

Wildeck Hosts Holden Leadership Academy


During the week of October 3rd, Wildeck hosted the Holden Leadership Academy (HLA) at its headquarters in Waukesha, WI. HLA participants from Wildeck and its sister companies explored contemporary and advanced leadership topics to implement within their organizations. 

The Holden Leadership Academy is a two-year training program that has been designed to provide training and development for individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential. Over the course of the two-year period, each company within Holden Industries hosts the HLA participants for training sessions facilitated by the American Management Association (AMA) and Holden Industries' leadership team. The current group of HLA participants had previously attended sessions at both Vac-Con (May 2022) and Nosco (October 2021). 

The most recent course provided insights on how to build commitment to navigating organizational politics and developing an agile mindset. Over the span of three days, HLA participants were engaged in immersive learn-by-practicing sessions so that they could hone these necessary leadership skills. 

In addition to skill development, the HLA participants were able to fit in a team building experience at a Milwaukee Brewers game!