Wildeck Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

June 23rd marked ‘International Women in Engineering Day’ and, to celebrate, Wildeck sat down with two of their very own women engineers to discuss their impressive careers, being a woman in the industry and what advice they have for young women interested in a career in engineering.

Pamela (Pam) Day has been a Wildeck employee for a remarkable 26 years. Pam began her career at Wildeck as an Estimator shortly after graduating from college. She then went on to be Wildeck’s first female - Engineer, Project Engineer, and most currently, Director of Mezzanine Engineering.

Being ‘first’ is something Pam is extremely proud of. “I am doing what I always wanted to do, so for me it is a fulfillment of my intentions when I decided to go to college. I never had the mindset that I could not do something because I was a woman, so it never scared me to jump into this field. I am glad that more women are stepping into engineering roles, we have so much to offer.”

The most challenging parts of Pam’s jobs are also the most rewarding. “Wildeck is known for its highly engineered solutions and degree of excellence. This reputation results in a high demand for our products and services, which can be challenging to manage at times. But it is also the part of my job that I take considerable pride in being successful at.” She continued, “My position has allowed me to talk to many different people, in many different careers, at varying levels which is both challenging and extremely exciting.”

Pam’s advice for women considering engineering as a career path, “Do not be afraid of getting into engineering if that is your passion. Make sure you are open minded in how you react to those around you and understand that you may be the only woman in your work group. Reach out to other women in similar positions, or a mentor in a higher-level position that you can talk to and get feedback.”

Stephanie Stromberg began her career at Wildeck a little over three years ago. After an impressive career journey with an abundance of engineering, efficiency and managerial experience, and obtaining her master’s degree, Stephanie joined the Wildeck team where she has been instrumental in improving efficiency, reducing costs, and creating standardization to improve consistency. Stephanie was recently promoted to Director of New Product Development where she will establish, develop, and grow New Product Development Engineers to pave the way for the future of Wildeck.

Stephanie is proud to be in her position, and attributes her success to a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance. “My favorite part of my job is the fast-paced environment, there are always challenges and opportunities at every corner. I love continuously improving and making products or processes better.”

When asked what advice Stephanie had for women interested in engineering she stated, “In a predominately male dominated area, having diversity, or being a woman, makes the team stronger. It gives different perspectives.” Stephanie continued, “Engineering can be challenging at times. Make sure you bring your perseverance! Ideas, designs, or suggestions are easier received with solid documentation. You can’t argue facts, and facts back up your ideas.”

While Pam and Stephanie share several firsts for Wildeck, what they continue to offer the team goes far beyond trendsetting. They have improved the operations of the company and the execution of products for clients. Wildeck hopes to see their staff grow with even more talented women holding positions in engineering and the manufacturing industry.

For more information about Wildeck, please visit wildeck.com.