Wildeck and Prestige Team Up to Deliver Multi-level Mezzanine

Wildeck and Prestige Team Up to Deliver Multi-level Mezzanine


Executive Summary

In the ever-evolving world of storage and material handling, one of Wildeck’s longtime dealers, Prestige, continually demonstrates its commitment to innovation and efficiency. Wildeck's recent collaboration with Prestige showcases not only its dealers’ adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges but also their expertise in optimizing warehouse spaces.


The Challenge: Adapting to Change

One of Prestige’s longest-time customers approached them in 2020 to maximize storage space in a new expansion. While the original plan was to design a three-level traditional mezzanine that housed static rivet rack and shelving, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought these plans to a halt, relegating the building to ground-level storage use.


Wildeck and Prestige's Solution: Embracing Innovation

In 2021, discussions resumed, but the pandemic’s impact on operations led the customer, Prestige, and Wildeck to reconsider the approach. The project evolved to focus on a more dynamic solution. After extensive evaluations of static, semi-automated, and fully automated systems, a decision was made. The optimal solution? A two-level structural Wildeck mezzanine with a shelf-to-person storage and picking system, integrated with fully automated sortation. This choice was driven by both current needs and future projections.

Key to this project was the design and installation of a multi-level mezzanine, making full use of the building’s 45’ clearance. Wildeck’s two-level structural mezzanine measured 87’ D x 307’ W, providing an impressive 53,418 Sq Ft of additional space.

  • Lower Level: Featuring roof deck and resinboard flooring with a grey diamond seal finish, this level was engineered for heavy-duty use, supporting 125 PSF with maximum point loads of 1,400 lbs.
  • Upper Level: Equipped with roof deck and heavy-duty resinboard flooring, the upper level was designed to support 125 PSF with maximum point loads of 2,780 lbs. This level houses a selective racking system for case storage, integral to the handpick operation.

The mezzanine levels are seamlessly connected through spiral vertical rise conveyors and powered accumulation roller conveyors, enabling effortless movement of products across all levels.

  • Storage and Picking System: At the ground level, a shelf-to-person system leverages Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) to enhance operational efficiency. These AMRs transport shelving units from beneath the mezzanine to operators for loading and unloading.
  • Order Processing: Products are unloaded onto a sortation table for order accumulation, packing, and eventual conveyance for outbound shipping.