X-Cavator in CLEANER Magazine

An 'Inside' Look at the X-Cavator Hydrovac

This week the All-New X-Cavator Hydrovac by Vac-Con was showcased in CLEANER Magazine online giving viewers an 'inside' look at one of the unit's most significant features.

The X-Cavator Hydrovac was designed with extreme weather conditions at top of mind. Whether below freezing or desert highs, the operator enclosure on this unit can provide heat or air conditioning to keep users on the jobsite working all day long. Hydro-excavation is a widely used technique in northern territories as heated water from the unit can dig into frozen terrain where traditional methods of excavation are ineffective. "What we did was try to create an environment where operators can get out of the cold weather up north when they're out working in the field for long hours," said Bryce Rieger, National Sales Manager. 

The operator enclosure on the X-Cavator offers an operator jumpseat, inverter to plug-in a laptop or other electronic devices, and plenty of storage for tools and garments. To see more on this impressive feature, check out the article and video here: https://www.cleaner.com/video/trade_show/brand-new-operator-station-is-a-key-feature-of-updated-x-cavator-by-vac-con?utm_source=campaigner&utm_campaign=CLE200625&utm_content=newsletter&cmp=1&utm_medium=email