Vac-Con Showcases the All-New X-Cavator Hydrovac

After nearly a year of design and engineering efforts, Vac-Con launched its all-new X-Cavator hydrovac unit at the 2020 WWETT Show in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this month.

The all-new X-Cavator is a game-changer for Vac-Con and its distribution network. Initial design of the unit began with end-user and dealer feedback - the voice of the customer from in the field. With this data, the sales, marketing, engineering and production teams went to work to build a unit that met the demands of operators. 

This new design was met with great reception at the 2020 WWETT Show where vendors, dealers, end-users, and competitors alike were able to kick tires and check out the latest features of the X-Cavator.

Though the name remained the same as the previous hydrovac model, the all-new X-Cavator was upgraded not only in design, but as well in branding. "The X-Cavator name is synonmous with Vac-Con in the industry," said Todd Masley, President. "We weren't ready to give up the name. We saw this as an opportunity to upgrade the design of this unit as well as the image of the brand. So far, we are pleased with the reception and are optimistic that the X-Cavator will guide Vac-Con into this new decade." 

Significant design features of this new unit include a cold weather enclosure for water systems, components, and operator seating, a single cyclone with final cartridge style filter, boiler system, and onboard air compressor. A completely redesigned lightweight boom increases operator flexibility with horizontal rotation of 310 degrees and vertical movement of +45 degrees and -22 degrees. 

The X-Cavator will continue to undergo rigorous field testing as engineering and production teams move to finalize design and production requirements. 

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